Digital Transfer Instructions

  1. Set heat press to 330f
  2. Set pressure to high
  3. Prepress garment to remove moisture
  4. Place DTF transfer to garment and press for 15 seconds
  5. Let the garment cool
  6. Peel DTF transfer cold
  7. Optional: Press garment again for 5 seconds

FAQ & Trouble Shooting

DTF Print is lifting off the garment and transfer film is not releasing easily.

  1. Increase temperature by 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Some heat presses do produce accurate temperatures. Some heat presses do not provide even heat across the heating platen.
  2. Increase pressure to ensure that all areas of the bottom platen are making contact.
  3. Make sure that the garment is cold before lifting transfer. The adhesive must be completely cooled or it will stick to our cold peel film.

DTF Print has watermarks after pressing to the garment.

  1. Check DTF transfer before pressing. If the transfer feels oily, slimy, or wet, you will need to cure the transfer to evaporate the moisture from the film. Place transfer under heat press to bake until the moisture is gone. If you have a conveyor dryer, run through to evaporate excess moisture.
  2. If you have already pressed to a garment, wipe the print with a clean cloth to remove moisture and press again.

Small lines or small details are staying on the DTF film and do not transfer to the garment.

Check the print on the film to make sure the small details have white ink on them. If the details do not have white, they will not transfer to the shirt. Increase the sizes of the small details and reprint.